Naught & the circle

The Apocalypse came to pass as foretold in the scriptures. Those not saved in the holy rapture were left to fend for themselves on a cindering earth overrun by wicked creatures. Now, 32 years later, humanity is teetering on the brink of extinction.

How i broke up a punk band - 2015

Spring, ‘08. The punk band Bad Fortune set out on their long awaited Germany tour. A journey that would last 4 days, with heavy binge drinking and failed gigs, culminating in the group imploding in the worst of circumstances.

the dying lion - antebellum sol

Sol is on the verge of war following the recent terrorist attack on Mars. The government in London suspects a conspiracy of the highest order, and decides to send Sidney Takumi: A clever, but expendable, off-the-books agent to investigate the incident.