War Drums


I’m back, always bringing shock to the business
Down too many charts and up too many shit-lists
Rocking the critics. They hit the floor when I bring it 
‘Cause while I keep it live, y’all just keep it lip-synched

I speak my English with an accent, I don‘t give a damn
‘Cause I‘m proud to have my roots from the winter land
While some fucks want to pitch up their voice a lot
Sick of rappers from Bergen acting like they‘re from the Bronx

Banging war drums against fucks who talk bad
I’ve burned too many bridges to just walk back
We won’t solve jack, ‘cause ya'll want to hate blind
So some solidarity remains a rare sight

I see the dawn of map turn into a late night
‘Cause emcees today are just copying the same style
Your flow’s air tight, mine’s on a space flight
You’re going to kill me when you see me? Bitch, yeah right

I get no fair fights, ‘cause punks love to diss
But you got that big mouth ‘cause you sucked too much dick
And the next crews and clicks they ain’t even worth a barcode
I spit lines, They don’t spit, they just swallow
Then ya'll follow, and groupies get obsessed
Running around trying to get big shots to sign their breasts
They’re only bumping the songs they’re re told’s the best
I would tell ya'll to open your eyes, but ya'll deaf

All around me darkness gathers
Fading is the sun that shone
We must speak of the matters
You can be me when I‘m gone

Flowers are gathered in the morning
Afternoon they blossom on
Still are withered by the evening
You can be me when I‘m gone

I‘m everlasting
Fuck the beat, I can rap on the static
Your skills changed the hip-hop scene from laughable to tragic
This track’s now a classic, cracking down on wack nerds
We got to be the only place with music moving backwards 

Nothing but silence, ya'll sit in amazement
I got the second coming of Christ in my basement
White gothic face paint, so no one wants a part in this
They’re screaming for war, but haven’t read the art of it

Call yourself a pimp ‘cause you think you’re hunting chicks
But fucking teenage kids ain’t really “workin’ it”

Been making conscious rap ever since I learned that shit
Only time I’m holding up our flag is when I‘m burning it 

And I‘m still political, still an anarchist
Still fucking up more minds than bad acid trips
Still not a patriot, against mad consumption
Still haven’t seen the weapons of mass destruction

I hate my land’s function; they live to take orders
Seeing my so-called leaders so eager to bend over 

Predicting the future of our lives in five lines:
2020: Rebels on trial for false crimes
2040: War is out on a global level
People everywhere are caught in an aftermath of total chaos
2060: No countries are friends
2080: It’s getting closed to the end