I’ve seen most of my friends thrown in caskets
Legalization of brutality
And I’ve seen soldiers getting burned into ashes
And the death of my family

The rise of the Anti-Christ, fall of four popes
A war which no one won
A wrong hope
A long-lost goal
And all the things to come

We used up what we got, robbed the earth and burned the sky
So the air is getting too hot and the water is getting too high
All drugs are legal making it harder just to hold on
New empires are built from the ashes of the old ones

It’s been thirty years since I saw the last bird
Norway fell right after the extinction of the third-world
The first war was the toughest no doubt
When half of the human population was instantly wiped out

The White House resigned due to all of its losses
Babies sitting alone in massive fields of dead corpses
Destruction of all forces
Retraction of all borders
And I swear I saw four angels riding on their horses

No one’s giving orders
Anarchy’s the law
And in the midst of chaos rose the new Mongolian horde
Calling for wars
Heroes, we need someone at all
And Superman’s been dead since 2004.

I’ve seen massive empires crumble to the ground
And I’ve seen the vanishing sun
And I’ve seen humanity stumble and fall down
And the death of my son

People dying from diseases at an alarming rate
And our last freedom fighters are on the run
An atomic redemption
A massive extinction
And all the things to come

Our society’s reduced to eating garbage and fighting feuds
And if you listen to the streets you can hear the marching of iron boots
Oslo vanished in a second on the breaking news
We never got to vote about this shit, you lying fools

And denying your guilt won’t stop my growing hatred
Against those who caused this fucking unholy ending

I’m so poor and shaking
No more wood or acres
I’m stripped naked
Walking to the chambers

Marshall law as we lost all sense of justice
When Captain America was executed by the Russians
Bums with cardboard signs speaking of the last days
And mass graves making way for a new case of the Black Plague

And a sad state of a race with no power
And our final breath of life growing closer by the hour
Look, this is what I’ve seen
‘Cause the future is but a vision, and yesterday is but a dream

I’ve seen battlefields filled with legs and arms
And I’ve seen frontlines crash
The bombing of schools, hospitals, and farms
And I’ve seen a nuclear blast

An army of gene-spliced soldiers serving evil
And I’ve seen down the barrel of a gun
The systematic extermination of a people
And all the things to come

A white light
And both sides fried
A mushroom-shaped cloud and my wife’s life

Burning flesh falling off some guys in their final cries
And the fleeing of the last survivors of our kind
Saw the exodus from great towns
While in the back I watched entire skylines just crumble to the ground

Cluster bombs, shells, and rounds
New monsters being crowned
Random violence all around
Then silence
No sound

Forty years of nothing but blood, stealing, and pain
Revealing we failed and only sealing our fate
An aftermath, just to go slowly insane
From nuclear radiation and the Andromeda Strain

Acid rain pouring down on abandoned highways
Massive chains on creatures made by mad scientists

The sky’s getting darker

And I’ve seen things that you wouldn’t believe
And I’ve seen the face of true love
And I’ve seen nature, with water, grass, and trees
And I’ve seen what it does

And I’ve seen a desperate hope that will never last
About a better place built on trust
And I’ve seen our future
And I’ve seen our past

And all the things that was