love is a drinking game & other poems





This motel will have my soul, my dear,
if I don’t get out soon.
And I worry I will grow old,
waiting around for you.



I told her to pick me up from the snow.
You know hearts turn cold.
She laughed and rolled her eyes;
Told me I was getting old.

Love is a drinking game, my friend.
Love is a drinking game.

I said I did what I could.
She said none of my art is any good.
I laughed and rolled my eyes;
ain't that the truth, babe.



How long have you been here for?
Me, I've stayed for a few months.
Just sipping on some cheap wine,
trying to find some fun

What you do for a living?
Why'd you come to this place?

See you never.
See you never again.




He said; "black cats are in the street,
You only get what you need."
She would steal beer from the store:
"We don't have to eat."

"Why don't you take me, sweet prince?"
She had him convinced.
He burned her name on his thigh,
and pressed it against her skin.

"You're another soul
in a world full of phones."
They embraced all summer long,
Until she left him alone.

Now she's his albatross;
A cross carried for nothing at all.
His fall blamed on a teenage girl,
but the words came through so insecure.

And life just rolls on—
Netflix and Tinder until the day is gone.
Joe Rogan is not your magical friend.
You can hazard a guess on why you're depressed.

He said; "One day I'll sail away,
Google images of my face,
play my songs on those special days,
when time has its say."

Now he's watching the stars in space,
floating down his river grave.
I Google images of his face.
Play his songs on those special days.

I know what you thought.
Got to cut the knot.

So long, Scott…


If I ever reach old age,
leave me the keys to the safe.



It's the last days of mourning
in the broken capital of Norway.
A scarecrow stands there, isolated,
reminding me;
I was never an Irish rover.

We packed up the rebellion a long ago time.
Tore up the nails and folded the tent.
Great minds snatched up in the machinery.

But hey, what can be better than a cold can of soda?

I'm just spinning my wheels at this point.



She screams, “traitor! She thinks you hate her!
Why don't you have another drink!
You're a failure! Your life's a crater
for others to stumble in!”