Last Breath Of Life


I saw the dawn of man end today 
It never went out with a bang, it just sort of faded away 
No screams in the streets, just whispers and tears 
No defeats and retreats, just winter for years 

I close my eyes and pretend they don’t lie to me 
How else could I raise my own child in this society? 
Of suicide, and greed, whores, AIDS, noise, and fighting 
Old men thinking up conflicts that the young boys can die in 

Consumers brainwashed to cheer war on civilians 
And when the crime’s being committed they call for the villains 
And how will my wallet help the poor little children? 
When I know McDonalds and Nike have been robbing them for millions 

Angry patriots with no parts willing to listen 
But I’ll always believe that war is terrorism 
And I’ll keep on wishing for peaceful co-existence 
Between world religions; the Muslims and Christians 

My ears bleed ‘cause I’m deafen by a burst of shells 
There’s got to be more between heaven and earth than Hell 
With Russians tales about soldiers getting their throats cut 
Palestinians with no luck, and Iraqis getting their hopes up 

For the revolution of human worth 
For aiding and saving the last fruits of Earth 
For Mumia’s words, and the Bermuda curse 
For not losing your nerves when the going gets worse 

I see my future, its last breath of life 
Trying to cope with the sorrow 
And I’m growing older, knowing what I was denied: 
The hope of tomorrow 

My future losing its last breath of life 
Trying to cope witht the sorrow for my lost things 
Growing older, knowing what I was denied
Was the hope of a tomorrow for my own kids 

There’s no more great kings, no big heroes worth saving 
Remembering a forrest with a girl in a late spring 
And next days are ideas that can wait for later 
As she tells me about politics and the powers of nature 

She made me believe in the strangest 
That though I don’t believe in God, I now believe in angels 
And not all changes have to be so sad 
You will only go back by reliving your past 

But the future is not a pretty sight 
With ruins and death marches through never-ending nights 
Some frozen in ice, and some grieving the loss 
And my son is down the block in the form of a cross 

I was framed, but I’m ready 
Preparing for my inevitable death like Sacco and Vanzetti 
So give me my blessings, I’m going in peace 
‘Cause the world has grown far too cold for someone like me 

The flowers of September know they can’t stay 
Just as my time has come and gone 
And I can clearly remember the joy of yesterday 
So I wish my friends can sing this song 

I see my future, its last breath of life 
Trying to cope with the sorrow 
And I’m growing older, knowing what I was denied: 
The hope of tomorrow 

Our nature is gone, you won’t see it again 
And you say you wanna help, but I doubt it 
The world ain’t a bad place ‘cause of the evil in men 
But ‘cause of those who won’t do anything about it 

So let the drums and tones just flow on strong 
As my words fall down and I empty my lungs 
To my loved ones, family, and gone son 
And the song I was writing is left undone…