I Went Out Of Line

Lyrics by Simen Tanggård and Kell Martin


You’re listening to Radio Ukraine
This is Mamushka Rebels
I went out of line

I went out of line, 'cause you weren’t fine
With me being naked and pouring wine
All over my chest 
‘Cause I should have guessed
That smelly drunk guys isn’t the best to have running around
Like a stupid drunk clown
This story is true, and this is how it went down

I got some vodka from Finland, 60 percent
It was a disaster
Bolshoi katastrof
Fat drunk man who smells like poo
With his finger in his ass and in the face of you

I’m sorry to say, but this story is true!
But this is what I do!
Party fucking hard with my crew!
Went out of line
And it went down on you

I fell on my face
And I can’t erase
All the things I have done
I‘m a fucking disgrace
And a real bad excuse
All the years of abuse
I’m supposed to be grown
And not scare you home and get left all alone
This night I was lost and the bottle was gone

I lost my bottle of vodka, 60 percent
The bottle is empty, and my moves are slow
Fat drunk man who’s all alone 
With his head in his hands, and his pants on the floor

I know that it’s stupid, but I‘ll never change
‘Cause this is what I do!
Party fucking hard with my crew!
We get out of line
Until we puke

I had a bottle of vodka, 60 percent
I woke up alone in a soviet flag
Fat drunk fool who smells like remorse
With his food in his throat and his pants on the floor

Their tire was soaked in piss
The car belonged to the pigs
And I don’t know what it is
But my anger belongs to the drinks