Humphrey Bogart (this Is It)


I wish I could drink and not let out the steam
Awkwardly playing out Humphrey Bogart scenes
Where I stumble dizzy, with my glass of whiskey 
Telling the whole room love is myth and mystique 

And who the fuck cares if you lie to my face 
Or, if I take you back and then crawl up in shame 

Or, if I really miss the taste of your lips 
And can’t face any more nights coming to grips

That quotes about life in ever clever-full lines 
Never fucking helps when I’m going out of my mind 
And I could have been the one, all alone
But couldn’t get that sword clear from out that stone 

This is it
This is it
This is it 

I stand at my post 
You smile, but it shows
Your pupils don’t dilate anymore at my voice 

Blank expressions 
And muffled confessions 
Walking past the mirror 
Ignore my reflection 

So flip your phone upside down and silence the sound
And we can let this love suffocate to the ground 

And I can watch as you walk away 
And paint you up as my patron saint 
And wallow in my sorrow just to justify my sordid state 

And drink and stumble off
You can steal the nails from my cross
Love is a double-edged sword stuck in a rock 

This is it
This is it
This is it