Divide And Conquer


The end is near, but I’m prepared 
Grown too indifferent for tears 
All I got left is a cross and a prayer, but no fear 
’Cause I’ve been dying for years 
In a city of tomorrow that looks more like a Cold War nightmare 

Long white beard, ragged wear and an apathetical stare 
’Cause I no longer care if the world is still here 
Watching Neo-Soviet attacks where no one is spared
While I’m picking army gear off my dead peers 

Behold the Lamb and the Dragon 
Death and Famine on saddles 
As ants only leave your poor ass for the maggots 
Became the greatest as I grew past my masters 
And Air Force One fell apart above the Atlantic 

New Black Panthers took over the collapsed west coast 
No one could give a fuck if you have the best clothes 
The Devil don’t have any need more souls 
And I’m stuck somewhere between a lost hope and closed roads 

Divide and conquer; warlords at the gates
I’m running like I’ve never done, but I know it’s too late
Accept your fate, ’cause everything’s already been set
And if you think you’ve been through Hell, you haven’t seen nothing yet

Divide and conquer; gigantic armies on the march
But I’ll always know I tried so hard to do my part
Watching the fading stars, as heaven and earth part
Is this the end, or a new start?